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Satkara Temple Podcast for your spiritual expansion

Hosted by spiritual leader, medicine women, Vika Didvaliene, Listen to your Own medicine Podcast takes you through the journey that returns you to your true purpose, your authentic power through soul awakening.

Listen to your Own medicine Podcast brings you diverse spiritual rituals, real-life stories, expansive conscious entrepreneurs mindsets and life changing immersive practices from the most authentic spiritual leaders from all over the world. 

Listen to your Own medicine Podcast invites you to open up to a unique experience of ceremony at every episode and connect to your own medicine.

Vika shares her own powerful shamanic medicine and her spiritual gifts to express her gratitude to mother Earth and help you to remember your true magic. 

You will hear from Vika, energy healers, spiritual teachers, readers, mediums, plant medicine shamans, conscious entrepreneurs, spiritual business owners and many more. 
With every episode you will be receiving energetic transmissions and blessings from the greatest spiritual teachers on this Planet Earth.

You will leave each episode feeling more grounded and empowered with a new ceremonial practice to implement in your life.

Tune in to Listen to your own medicine podcast & connect on Instagram for more information.

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