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“A Mayan legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.” - The Popol Vuh

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Mayan Cacao Ceremony


Ceremonial cacao is a divine, celestial drink and a universal medicine from Mother Earth. Ceremonial cacao is more than chocolate, it is a spiritual dimension and a higher intelligence that we cannot receive from the mind, only with the heart and feelings. A dimension where you can heal your Soul.


For thousands of years the Mayan people were connected to the powerful energy of the cacao spirit. Cacao energy has healing power and speaks directly to your heart. When we speak from the heart we speak from a place of higher intelligence. 


A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ancient ritual to honour the elements and spirits of mother nature, to create balance and live in harmony with a flow of life. Cacao spirit is a very powerful medicine and when consumed in a ceremony it reflects the sacred connection with the land and other worlds.

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Why Mayan Cacao Ceremonies

Life brought me to Guatemala in the summer 2022. I received strong guidance and messaging from the universe to connect with and support the Mayan people.


With the intention to study methaphysics I went to San Marcos, near Lake Atitlan. This is where I met my Shaman teacher ‘Walter', with whom I felt an instant connection. With him I studied Mayan culture and ceremonies. I was initiated to spread mayan ceremonies and help us all to connect.


On December 21st 2012 the Mayan Shamans received a higher message that told them to share their ‘Cosmovision’ with the world. 


I have always felt a deep connection with indigenous cultures. I knew that one day I would connect and learn the way of life of the Mayan people.


Maya means ‘’We Are One’’. Mayan ‘Cosmovision’ is based on the unity of the natural elements. It is a guide on how to live your life in unity and with the flow of life.


Join one of our Cacao Ceremonies

The Cacao Ceremonies that we offer for you, are your opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. 


During the ceremony when cacao is consumed our bodies release endorphins and open our hearts to celebrate life and love. Connecting to the spirit of cacao with intention, we receive the guidance which aids in the transformational shift we are working towards individually. Wherever you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns, explore new experiences, or move into a more self-confident place. 

Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao will show you the insights of the journey you need to take to move towards your soul’s purpose.


The sacred mayan ceremony we will bring to you will include the highest grade cacao from Guatemala, breath work, prayer, blessings, Mayan astrology, fire ceremony, sacred tobacco and sound bath performed with sacred Alchemy crystal bowls and other musical instruments.

  • Mama cacao - medicine will open your heart and will work her magic in a way that is most needed for you.

  • Breath work - will help you to ground and align yourself. You will feel strongly connected to your soul and ready for the ceremony.

  • Prayers and blessings will bring you to a higher state of consciousness. Will help you to connect to the spirits and will open you a channel to receive the messages from the spiritual guides. 

  • Mayan cosmology - you will be introduced to 20 Mayan energies which will help you to find the deeper meaning of life and how you can stay more connected to the mother earth. 

  • Sacred fire ceremony - will ignite the fire in your soul and will speak to you, you will receive the guidance through your open heart.

  • Sacred tobacco is an ancient Mayan tradition to speak to our ancestors and to receive guidance from them. You will be blessed with tobacco spirit and will find a deep connection with sacred tobacco.  

  • Sound bath - sounds will take you to the deeper state. Sacred sound vibrations will help you to decode your DNA so you can come back to your natural state of being.


Alchemy of Sacred Cacao Medicine

The sacred medicine of cacao is unique to each of us. Her alchemy works through feelings, love and intuition. It will show to you what your soul needs in that exact moment. Sometimes it will open your heart to see radiant horizons. Sometimes she will show you that it's time to let go of what you've been holding on to and when it's time to surrender. Sometimes she will help you to see clearly. She will come to you with the healing energy of love and will teach you how to live a balanced more heart-centered life connected to Mother Earth. 


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Sacred Medicine for your Body, Soul, and Spirit

  • The Cacao spirit will activate the fire inside your heart so it can burn dense energies and renew the sacred connection with your soul. 

  • She will show you the love and will help you to fall in love with yourself. You will come back to your natural state of feeling instead of over thinking and you will be back to your natural state and you will feel a deep connection to the world around you. 

  • When we come back to our natural state we become limitless beings. Imagine you can have anything you want and you are feeling full of love and joy. You have your true voice and speaking your truth, maybe you want to sing so you start singing and you climb the highest mountains!

  • Cacao medicine improves memory, increases serotonin levels and helps with low levels of depression. This is medicine which offers a wide range of nutrients and minerals. 

  • She speaks to your emotional body and the inner child with gentle loving mother’s energy.


At Satkara Temple we work with ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala supporting the families in Guatemala. If you would like to connect with this magical medicine and order directly to your home you can do it here.

Satkara Temple Ceremonies bring mayan energies and astrology are unique, beautiful experiences, full of the inspiration of love, freedom, growth and expansion. Through alchemy of sound and the magic of the sacred medicine of cacao you will connect deeply to your heart, your ancestors,other dimensions and you will bring your DNA back to the state of sacredness.

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