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How my life has changed when I started living in a ceremony?

I sit in a coffee shop, back home in Liverpool and look at the cover of my book.

‘The Book of Destiny Unlocking the Secrets of the Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012’ written by Carlos Barrios Shaman and Member of the Mayan Elders Council.

This is a book I have read a couple of times since integrating the Mayan understanding and living principles into my everyday life.

Since closing the doors of my corporate career back in March 2022, Life has brought me many new and beautiful experiences. Allowing me to teach, learn and explore deeper levels of the underworld and spirituality.

2022 has been full of new emotions and experiences!

I was fortunate enough to explore the incredible country of Indonesia.

In Bali I had the most beautiful experience teaching yoga teacher training to some fantastic students from around the World. In Lombok I faced my fear of water and started to learn how to surf, a journey which I continued later in Morocco, Africa.

A few weeks later I packed my bags and headed to the USA to reconnect with my mom. Meeting in NYC and then exploring the amazing power of nature in Yellowstone Park!

My adventures then took me to ‘The Pyramids school’ at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where I studied Metaphysics….stayed in silence…

I have a deep longing to connect to the land of Guatemala and have lived with strong visions for the last couple years of me being in the jungles of this wonderful country.

A few days before the trip I began to receive the messages that I need to connect to the Mayan people, learn from them and also support them.

To be honest at that time I didn’t know that Lake Atitlan was so populated by Mayan tribes. The Primary reason that I booked the trip was to study metaphysics at the Pyramid school, however on my second day at the lake I met a Mayan Shaman, who introduced me to the Mayan way of living, Mayan cosmovision, astrology and how to facilitate Mayan ceremonies. I was captivated.

I felt such a strong connection to the land and to the Mayan culture. I can’t explain it, except to say that my soul knew that it had found what it had been searching for. A real transformation started to happen to me when all of my layers started to shed and my heart started to open to this beautiful life I came here to live.

Everyday we were connecting to the energy of the day and aligning our actions for that day. Some days the action is not to take any action, some days is to deepen your connection to Mother Earth or explore your shadow side. Mayan people live in a deep connection with nature. There are no Monday and Sunday blues before going to work there. Everyday is a new exciting day to experience the life we came here to live.

Living in a ceremony and applying ancient rituals has changed my life completly. I learned how to express myself, how to use the power of voice, how to live in alignment with Mother Earth and be a complete expression for others to choose to do the same. When you learn how to tap into your heart you find your medicine and you become medicine.

You stop seeking for more, you trust and allow life to unfold in a most magical way.

Each of us has a unique expression and what I learned is trust! To trust life, myself and I am so so grateful for this beautiful life.

Along my shamanic journey I am embarking on a Priestess path and am about to complete my first year of training. This calling has brought me to the sacred lands of the UK to reconnect to Avalon and integrate my Mayan teachings here in Europe.

I am in service through Mama Cacao, Grandfather Tobacco, Fire, Alchemy of Sound, Maya Cosmovision and Love. Thank you for taking time to read my story and I hope to see you at the ceremony.




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