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  • Will you be offering this Apprenticeship again?
    The honest answer is I am not sure. I received the guidance to share my energy and the knowledge I gained in Guatemala with you beautiful soul and I am following it. So if you are feeling it, why wait.., Say yes and join me now.
  • Why become a Shamanic/Mayan cacao ceremonialist?
    I have never shared anything that I haven’t embodied. Ceremony is not a performance, you weave your energy into it and pray. You become a ceremony, you connect with the three worlds, you start seeing through the darkness, through the invisible side. You start to see the signs, read the signals on how to guide others. You know how to control your mind and let your wisdom open the gates to your heart so you can become the channel of Medicine. This is the power of all Shamanic practices. You do the work, so you can feel the difference in strong Ceremonies which you can channel and when it feels like it’s not yours, it's not authentic to your soul. You can feel the truth, you don’t need to hear it. I will share the tools and framework for you to find You! To find your Ceremony which lives inside your heart! The tools to confidently facilitate the ceremony on your own in your unique way! Working with ancient Medicine completely transformed my life, my teachings and showed me the path I need to walk.
  • What will the call dates be for this apprenticeship 2023?
    Additional Welcome call Sunday 1st of January, the day of 1Aq’ab’al Call - 1 Welcome ceremony Thursday 5th of January, the day of 5Kej All other call dates and times will be available closer to the start date. This apprenticeship is unique in that I share with you ways of working within ancient Mayan shamanic lineage, from my personal experience as a Medicine woman, lightworker. Calls will be between 1.5h and 2.5 h. Occasionally a call might go for 3h as we will be journeying deeply in Ceremony, connecting with other dimensions where time disappears. I do my best to keep it succinct but there is a lot of content for us to get through and important embodiment practices as well. When we are in a ceremony and journeying with the medicine we usually do not notice the time. You also will have immediate access to the replays so you can watch or listen too in your own time. There are video teachings of guided practices for your morning meditations and breath work for you to access. Most of your practice is contemplation. It will naturally begin to weave its way through your life without too much 'thinking.' All of the live calls are recorded and put into your personal library so you can access the replays straight away if for any reason you can’t make a live. Part of the reason we do this over 2 months is because the content is so abundant and rich (it could actually be 10 months quite easily!) and also so that you have the chance to embody it and walk it as a part of your daily life. This is what really helps you become an authentic , humble, graceful and powerful ceremony facilitator. This apprenticeship gives you a very precious seed that you will continue to nurture and grow really for the rest of your life. It’s amazing to see what past graduates have done now with what they have received. It will be amazing to see what you will receive from this training. Making it their own and weaving it into not only your offerings and work but into your life as a spiritual practice in a way that really serves your personal journey tremendously.
  • Where can I purchase ceremonial cacao for the challenge?
    Satkara Temple will be selling a limited amount of handmade organic cacao from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Please contact us and we will ship the cacao. Please note that we can’t be responsible for any orders that don’t arrive. Thank you for understanding.
  • How do I apply to join the Shamanic/Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist apprenticeship?
    You can apply on the website by clicking the enroll now button and you will be taken to the application page directly.
  • Who is Vika?
    I began my journey with the Medicine of Cacao a few years ago and began serving the medicine in the ceremonies. I have trained with the best Mayan spiritual leader of Mayan Kaqchikel lineage and was initiated at the Sacred lake Atitlan. After my initiation I began sharing Mayan Ceremony, teaching people from all over the world the ancient Mayan medicine of cacao, cosmovision and ceremony. I help people from all paths of life to liberate themselves from limiting beliefs keeping them away from joyful life, connected, free, abundant and limitless beings that they came here to be. My deep connection, love and dedication for Mayan culture and people, shamanic practice led me to weaving the Medicine of Cacao into ‘Matyox-Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist’ Apprenticeship. I am offering training in this modality to spiritual leaders like you, globally with my ‘Matyox-Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship’’. My mission is to help those who are ready to step into their Sacred Path of service, weaving medicine of ancient Cacao into the path they walk as Lightworkers and helping to transform many lives along the way. I feel honored for this opportunity to bring people from all over the world together in Ceremony and make it accessible for all and empower others to share this with their communities also.
  • How do I apply to join the Shamanic/Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship?
    You can apply on the website by clicking the enroll now button and you will be taken to the payment page directly. Once the payment is received we will send you the application to fill by email. We will send you another email confirming your space.
  • How many hours are required per week?
    Our weekly Zoom call will be between 2-3 hours and they are mostly process driven. We will let you know approximately how long the upcoming call will be and will do our best to keep it within time. Please keep in mind though that this is Ceremony. So it’s possible they will run over. If so and you have to leave the call it’s not a problem. However - We do ask if you are joining the call that week that you are on from the beginning so as not to disrupt other students or the flow of energy. There are also online teachings to watch and contemplate that will vary in time each week between 20 minutes to 1 hour each. There are also some home processes and daily practices. As with anything you will get out of it what you put in but you can certainly tailor it to your schedule. So I would say around 7-8 hours a week maximum (including your morning practices) depending on how deep you want to go!!!! Aside from the call, you will do everything at your own pace. All of the live sessions will be recorded and available the next day (latest) for you to keep and repeat as often as you like, so there is no problem if you miss a session. It’s strongly advised to keep up with the group even if you can’t make lives as the collective energy will help to make your process much smoother and your learning much easier.
  • If I can’t join the live ceremony will I have access to the recording?
    No problem. All live calls and ceremonies will be recorded and asked to be watched within 24h if you have missed it. In that way you won’t fall too far behind the training as we move together as a family. You will have access to the live calls for 4 months and during this time you can download the files onto your computer. The additional content will remain available as a lifetime access. Our ADDDITIONAL welcome call will be 1/1/2023 the day of 1 Aq'ab'al to start our journey and provide you with all the access to the course material. First official call will be on 5/1/2023 on Thursday the day of 5 Kej after that the date may vary as we follow the Sacred Mayan Calendar and will be listed shortly. Usually we will meet around 6pm Uk Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Time and day of the week might change with having Tata Walter and Hamaima. If you can’t participate in a live call it’s not a problem - just please allocate the time to do so within 24h so you are still in the same energy of the live session. You will have access to an active community where you will receive mentoring and support on this journey! And build our strong community together.
  • How do I prepare ceremonial cacao? And what is the recommended ceremonial cacao dose?
    We will provide the beautiful cacao brew method and ritual guide specific to this apprenticeship in the 'Shamanic Wisdom Workbook, so you can brew your own medicine for our daily ceremonies together.
  • Who is the 'Shamanic/Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship' for?
    'Matyox-Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship' is for everyone! Lightworkers, circle holders, healers, yogis, yoga teachers, sound healers, holistic therapists, circle holders, conscious coaches, visioners, medicine women or men who have been called to bring their true gifts forward and be the Lightworkers on this Planet Earth. Mayan Cacao Ceremonies are the Sacred ceremonies weaved with the ancient Mayan cosmovision of the Kachikel lineage from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 'Matyox-Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship’ includes teachings of the ancient Mayan medicine weaved with my wisdom, experience and approved method on how to spread your gifts and live in abundance. This apprenticeship will be a very deep journey, working with the ancient magic of the elements, the Mayan Spiritual leader and Medicine women - that will take you to a level of a very expansive, transformative path you may have never experienced before. We will be working specifically with the Medicine of Cacao, this expansive work will support you in sharing Your medicine with the world. In any path you will take. This work is perfect for those who want to take the fully Ceremonialist path and for those that are already facilitating and holding space of yoga, meditation, reiki, circles, practitioners, or any modality. It will take your Sacred work to another level in both ways: personal transformations and professional expansion. You will receive an in depth Shamanic Wisdom Manual, which won’t be a script or a book of ‘how’ it will be your key to open your magic through the ancient wisdom and it will have the tools on how to start sharing it with the world. How to walk your unique path of Divinity.I will support you with everything you need to become the Ceremony.
  • Will I be able to facilitate a ceremony on competition of this training and will there be a level two?
    This Apprenticeship is a level one training. You will receive more than enough tools, practice and knowledge to begin facilitating your own ceremonies in Mayan way by the completion of the training. Level 2 training will be launched in 2023. This level 1 training already includes many advanced teachings as this is training that lasts a lifetime and that you will take as deep as you desire. Your ceremonies will grow in richness, your unique authenticity and depth in the more ceremonies you serve.
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