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Welcome to our sacred medicine store. Thank you for being here and feeling a call to connect to the sacred medicine of Cacao and Mayan culture.  

-“Open your heart and ignite the fire within - through the Sacred Medicine of Remembrance“

Cacao is the medicine of the soul awakening allowing us to remember who we truly are and why we came here to this planet earth!

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Why Satkara Temple Medicine of Remembrance?

Satkara Temple supports you in creation of your Sacred Space for unconditional love and deep connection to your soul.

This Medicine of Remembrance can be served in your own ceremony or in a ceremony of circle. Cacao will open the space to experience deep connection with your soul through the alchemy of her and the heart.

Together we honour the spirit of cacao, we give back to Pacha Mama, we give to small local Mayan families and everyone who helped us to hold this sacred medicine in our hands, together we remember what a powerful loving beings we are. 

Integrating mama cacao as a beautiful ritual into your life allows us to experience our true unconditional love within us and others, feeling the beauty of life and live it from the place of our heart.


Medicine of Remembrance - Free Cacao Masterclass 

Enjoy a FREE Masterclass to learn how to work with the Medicine of Cacao. In this workshop you will be gifted:

- A Recipe and Ritual Guide 

- A Video Masterclass on how to brew and program your cacao as powerful medicine.


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Ceremonial Cacao from the Sacred Land of Maya

Medicine of remembrance - cacao Satkara Temple offers comes from the Sacred Land of Maya in Guatemala. Found in a valley covered with a much variety of trees: coffee, zapotillos, bananas and many others. Our Cacao comes from small family and been harvested in Suchutepequez region in Guatemala. There are four springs, embedded the mountain jungle, facing the Pacific Ocean. The farm remained organic because they never had enough money to buy the fertilizers recommended as a norm in that region. 

This cacao brings a deep bitterness with coffee and banana accents and exceeds the largest fat content because of the abundance of water in the area.

We feel so blessed to bring this medicine to you and support Guatemalan family. They grow and harvest cacao with all their heart and high value of the sacredness of the plant. 

Once seeds are harvested and fermented for 10 days in boxes covered with banana leaves family womens  process the seeds by hand. They roast the seeds, peel them and process cacao into a cacao paste on the ancient stone 'mesa'. Hand peeling allows the women to ensure that each bean is in the perfect state and has been blessed. 


The area is not far from the Sacred Lake Atitlan and our cacao charges the energy from the lake. People come to the lake for healing from all over the world. Cacao is the medicine from the lake. Lake Atitlan is one of the strongest healing vortexes int he world and we have the opportunity to receive its healing from cacao.



Buy the medicine

450 GR of Remembrance Medicine (Cacao Block) Currently not available to order online. 


Portion, enough for 22 - 30 meditation moments or around 11 ceremonial celebrations.

1000 GR of Remembrance Medicine (Cacao Block) Currently is available to order online in the USA only.

Advanced Portion, enough for 50 - 66 meditation moments or around 25 ceremonial celebrations.

The Tradition of the ancient Mayan Medicine

Honouring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink is an ancient tradition, originating from the Maya in Mesoamerica.

In the Mayan Cosmo Vision, Cacao plays a fundamental role to open the gates to the other worlds, connecting us to the elements, to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.

Cacao - ''Food of Gods'' was supporting ancient Mayan people for a thousands of years and has been protected and kept for us all to enjoy in today's modern world. Cacao spirit helped to bring wealth, power, abundance and love for many many years. Cacao speaks the ancient wisdom through our hearts.

Cacao ceremony has been reintroduced to our modern culture not so long ago and this incredible plant spirit is here supporting us on this new earth shift to love.



Alchemy of Sacred Cacao Medicine

The sacred medicine of cacao is unique to each of us. Her alchemy works through feelings, love and intuition. It will show to you what your soul needs in that exact moment. Sometimes it will open your heart to see radiant horizons. Sometimes she will show you that it's time to let go of what you've been holding on to and when it's time to surrender. Sometimes she will help you to see clearly. She will come to you with the healing energy of love and will teach you how to live a balanced more heart-centered life connected to Mother Earth. 


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Sacred Medicine for your Body, Soul, and Spirit

  • EOBROMINE - heart opening (heart rate and blood circulation increases by 20%), functioning as gentle sustainable energizer

  • TRYPTOPHAN - critical for producing serotonin and melatonin

  • SEROTONIN - accelerates the happy vibration

  • MELATONIN - helps relaxation

  • DOPAMINE - supports creativity, better focus and functions as a motivation booster

  • ANANDAMIDE - “bliss molecule” - increased feeling of euphoria

  • PEA - “love molecule” - stimulates happy hormones and creates a love feeling

Cacao is a true SUPERFOOD being highly nutritious

  • Ceremonial cacao contains around 30% of healthy FATS that are essential for the absorptions of the nutrients

  • Highest plantbased source of MAGNESIUM and IRON

  • High in other minerals as ZINK, POTASIUM, helps to absorb CALCIUM


450 GR of Remembrance Medicine (Cacao Block)


Portion, enough for 20 - 30 meditation moments or around 11 ceremonial celebrations.

1000 GR of Remembrance Medicine (Cacao Block)

Advanced Portion, enough for 50 - 65 meditation moments or around 25 ceremonial celebrations.

Buy the medicine

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