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Your Journey Starts Here


This 90-minute intensive session is designed to expand a specific area of your life.


It is perfect if you’re in need of:

  • Some serious and timely one-to-one mentoring and coaching to support you to finding your true soul purpose, and transform it to the business

  • Create the life of your dreams and learn how to combine all your unique gifts and desires.

  • Finding and connecting with your tribe through your authentic messaging with confidence.

  • Feeling lost or stuck and need someone to support you and help you accelerate the growth.

  • Mastering creativity, manifestation and mindset to enable powerful and efficient sharing of your gifts and vision that have a big impact.

  • Elevate your existing offers to another level.

  • You’ll also have access to a week of follow up Whatsapp messaging to support your soul assignment implementation and allow our work together to fully integrate. 


Start creating the impact with clear vision through spiritual expansion.

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‘Vika is the kindest, most giving and genuine person and light worker I know.
I have had the pleasure of doing yoga teacher training with her as well as private one on one mentoring.
She has not only helped me find my purpose but helped me tap into my own personal power.
I would definitely recommend her, and Satkara Temple
Thank you’


Jody Lezard - Yoga instructor

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