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I am taking steps beyond where I've been

in order to reach my goals


Imagine how many lives you can impact in a year if you follow your vision instead of fear.

This monthly membership program provides personal attention on your purpose activation. I’ll be by your side, tuning in to take an inside look at where you are now and where you need to go - this is the mentoring you’ve been waiting for.


Together we will start peeling layers off to uncover your true soul’s desires. We will co-create a strategic master plan for the year ahead and you will receive my accountability to flip you into action mode from the get-go and usher you into your power.


  • What it really takes to find true purpose and start creating the impact with clarity and confidence. 

  • How to shift your mindset so you can experience pushing your boundaries, making decisions and taking actions you never believed you could. 

  • How to implement transformational tools to support your personal growth and to help you to expand.

  • How to collapse the time and start creating the life you want to live fast.

  • How to connect to your deeper levels of consciousness and activate the codes of abundance.  

  • How to find and grow your tribe so you can start living your purpose and help others to do the same.

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Program is starting in April 26 2024. If you want to start living the life of your purpose and create the impact you came here to make. I am pleased to be your guide on the path of true love and abundance you will start to live. 

This is an online Cacao Ceremonialist training to deepen your relationship with yourself. Learn how to live with the cycles on nature through Mayan cosmovision and deep healing journey. 

Join us to drink ceremonial cacao and learn how to serve the ceremonies in your unique way. 


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