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your sacred space for spiritual expansion through online courses and cacao ceremony trainings.


About Section


It's time that you claim your beauty, ignite your gifts

and help uplift our world.

If you are a light worker, healer, coach or entrepreneur and looking to activate your true purpose through soul awakening

- this is your temple! 

You landed here for a reason. I believe there are no accidents and everything happens in divine timing. Here you will not become a better version of you - you will simply RETURN TO YOU! 


Return to the seat of your soul.

Return to your inner knowing

Return to your power of expansiveness


We understand the challenges light workers, healers, coaches and entrepreneurs face. To build and lead your community you must discover your empowered self and share your unique gifts.

To inspire others with confidence you must discover your own power 

To activate your power you must be consistent, innovative and trusting.

To serve the world through a business that you create, you must act without confusion and insecurity. And instead be the sources of love, clarity, peace and vision for yourself and others everyday. 



I have been there. Like you, I didn't know how to live in abundance. I didn’t know how to be in my light in everyday life. I didn't know how to make a living through my gifts. 

I was afraid to step into my unique power without dimming it and trying to be somebody else. 

Since a very young age I felt like something is not right, like there was a veil I was looking at and living through. Somehow I felt we all are connected but couldn't understand how.  

For over 30 years I lived that ‘’almost’’ life.

A life which looked good from the outside but inside I felt unfulfilled. A life I had worked very hard to manifest, while doing that I ignored my true soul’s purpose.

Something wasn't right, but everything changed when I let the light in.

Fast forward to now… or read full story here


Are you ready to manifest your dreams?


Stay connected and share in my travels, personal growth and awakenings. I can't wait to share my insights, retreats, and live videos with you as we move through this journey together. 

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