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My Journey from Corporate Worker to Spiritual Mentor

I have been there. Like you I didn't know how to live in abundance. I didn’t know how to be in my light in everyday life. I didn't know how to make a living through my gifts.

I was afraid

Afraid to step into my unique power without dimming it by trying to be somebody else.

Since a very young age I felt like something is not right, like there was a veil I was looking at and living through. Somehow I felt we all are connected but couldn't understand how.

So for over 30 years I lived that ‘’almost’’ life, the life you ‘suppose to live’.

A life which looked great from the outside but inside I felt unfulfilled. A life I had worked very hard to manifest, while doing that I ignored my true soul’s purpose.

It looked like I had it all. I had a fabulous job in London’s design scene. I had relationships that, on the surface, looked great. I was surrounded by many people and had action-packed weekends and travels. My days were filled with exactly what I’d asked for: status, responsibilities, glamor, connections, big city culture and non-stop activity. Busy was my main response to everything and it felt it had to be that way, because if you are not busy or you don’t have an overpacked agenda you are not achieving enough in life.

Something wasn't right..

No matter how far I advanced in my career

No matter how hard I worked on my relationships

No matter how often I exercised

No matter how hard I worked on my life

True happiness never showed up in me. Every other morning I started hearing a question in my head: Why doesn’t this feel like the life I’m meant to live? Deep inside me I had the knowledge I was here to live a fulfilling life, and mostly, I was here to make a great impact in the world.

My soul was longing for something more!

I am sure my journey to awakening started when I was a little girl. We come to this world to remember who we are and why we are here so we can make the impact and create a change.

Yoga stepped into my life in my late thirties. It taught me to stop, to breathe, to appreciate everything I had and everything that could be… It changed everything.

I went to India to travel and magically without making any plans I was studying yoga with an Indian monk. The seed was planted, I knew instantly I had to teach others to find their purpose so they can see the real bliss. When I returned to London I began a deep self-discovery and education journey.

For me, that meant awakening my love of healing, nurturing and teaching. It meant becoming a certified advanced yoga teacher in trauma informed teachings, ayurveda and business coaching.

I studied energy medicine, sound healing, ancient yoga philosophy texts, yoga asana, dreams, shamanic medicine and business mentoring.

Finally experiencing what it meant to be fully present, embodied and alive... feeling my world deeply, following my bliss and letting love wildly radiate out.

To feel connected with myself, with my purpose, and to the world I was consciously creating and impacting. I had my vision and I started working toward it.

At this point in my life, I had done sales in the creative industry for 20 years, which gave me the opportunity to learn in depth how to manage and grow the business.

I brought yoga, and wellbeing events to the corporate world of London’s design companies along with teaching students online and building a heart – centered, conscious community.

When you start following your heart’s desires

and living your purpose the Magic happens!

Magic unfolds when you let the universe guide you. You will be led to the greatest experiences in life and your unique path and purpose will unfold.

Through this journey I discovered inner peace, expansion in all different ways and manifestation power through my essence.

I was finally back in my body, radiating feminine power, and back to my true me, letting my joy lead the way.

I now know how to create a life of love, pure happiness and abundance not through the hard effort and fighting it but through the ease, authenticity and play.

And I’ve never stopped since then.

It took me over 30 years to crack open and find the connection to the light. Once I found my purpose, accessed my inner power, and tapped into my unique gifts, my world began to change in ways I never imagined. I felt empowered, fulfilled, on purpose and in love!

I found new life, the life when :

You wake up excited about each day and what you’ll accomplish.

You’re surrounded with people who support and nurture you, and you them.

You have a career or business that energizes, inspires you and creates wealth.

You radiate happiness that only comes from a confident sense of self.

You own your power and lead your life in most authentic soul nourishing way

You are in love; with yourself, with others, with life.

You are living your soul purpose and you are feeling free from sabotaging thoughts.

And mostly, you feel empowered, knowing you have the power within you to face any challenges that will come your way and to shine your light bright feeling love and happiness, living the purpose we all came to live here.


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