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How to overcome the fear of sharing your gifts?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Why we need to share our gifts and talents:

When it comes to sharing your new ideas or gifts, you may feel resistance - fear is actually your ego trying to keep you safe and protect you from expanding. Our Ego wants us to feel safe and it doesn't like it when we start doing things that we have never done before, so it will do everything to make us stay at the same place and live the same patterns.

This is why it is so challenging to change habits and patterns, as we start believing in the idea that being and living the old way is fine and that it's good to stay this way.

The first thing we want to look at is our belief system. Identifying our beliefs and patterns helps us to acknowledge our place and attain why we make certain decisions in life. When we do so, we can look deeper at the ones we want to change. We all funcion on previous experiences and what we have been taught by the society we were surrounded by, especially during our childhood.

When we notice that something is out of alignment and we want to start creating change in our life, we look at our beliefs and where they came from. Then we look at what we want to create and what we want to replace our belief with.

There are various practices supporting us on this journey. Acceptance is a big part of it. Practices of love and bringing yourself more often to your natural DNA helps a lot to let go of old patterns, beliefs and the birthing of new ones. The ones which come from the heart, from the true you, not from a society that you must be controlled by. Changing your life patterns and building new beliefs is a process of healing. When we connect to our heart we heal our soul and we want to show up in our own authentic way naturally.

For me the first and crucial step which really helped was that deeper knowing that when I show up, I help others to heal, and this is how we create a better world collectively. This is my responsibility as a Lightworker!

I have put some tips together to how you could support yourself on this journey overcoming the fear of sharing your gifts:

  • Why are you feeling a call to share your gifts?

Really helps to answer to yourself first why you want to share your gifts with the world? This is a crutial moment. This is when you reconnect to your purpose and sit with it for a deeper journey. You ask why you choose to do so? How is it fulfilling you? Why it is important to you.

An external and our internal pressure a lot of the time create the resistance to share our truth. It can be emotionally draining and you might start losing your passion to create and share your original idea. That's why it is so important to answer your why love.

  • Stop trying to be perfect!

Unless we fail we never will learn the way we want to be and the way we show up with integrity to ourselves. This is the mind’s trick! To tell us that we need to be something else, something bigger or something less. When we stop doing so we connect to our heart and become present and we start channeling our truth. The truth we know at that moment. This is the perfect moment! Remember you are already perfect at this very moment, the way you are, the way you show up and if the universe has another plan for you, dont worry love you will get to experience it. So there is no other perfect because you are already perfect! Trying to be perfect is creating resistance and abandoning your true gifts.

  • Understand that nobody cares!

We radiate individual frequency and nobody really cares if you make mistakes, what a lot will have from it is the inspiration from you to show up in their own authentic way. We all are different and it is not like everybody will resonate with what you are sharing and that’s totally fine. There are so many people in this world and believe me there are souls who are longing to hear what you are sharing so you can start creating change together. Each of us has our own role to fill. When you start sharing your truth not who you might want to be but your real you, other souls will start sensing your frequency and they will find you. If you don't share your gifts they just simply can't find you.

  • Stop comparing yourself with others.

Remember there is no anybody like you. It is just impossible to find a person who is like you. The universe brought you here to share your authenticity in your unique way and this is why you came here. Remember when you share your authenticity you people feel your vulnerability and this is more real life. This is what happens when we step out of our comfort zone. If we are not sharing our gifts that means we are not moving, we are not expanding, everything just stays the same and we lose the opportunity to change someone's life.

  • Connect with others.

There are so many people in the world and there are people who need to hear your voice, to see the gifts you are sharing. We all have our unique niche and can build a community of like minded people who will be filling their cup from your gifts and from sharing the energy collectively.

  • Prepare a plan and act on it if you even don't feel like you are ready!

Prepare a plan on how you will share what you want to share with the world and prepare yourself that there might be some obstacles on the way and that's okay. If you do the healing work you know that others usually project themselves and if they are not in alignment with your truth they don't have to be though. They are in different frequencies and this is not your responsibility to change that.

When we help others it helps us to embody the feeling of purpose. It will boost your self esteem and will motivate you to reach out to more people.

Your gifts are something you need to be proud of and share them with the world. We all came here to be in service and make the change creating the new earth collectively.


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