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How to open the portal of abundance and walk your true path?

This is my reminder to you, my fellow lightworker. We all live on this Planet Earth together and we all came here to live an abundant life!

It is your right to do so. It is not something that you have to earn!

I wanted to bring this to light, as we have an old paradigm view on this subject when it comes to spirituality. We hear a lot that abundance is about money and if you are ascending, awakening you shouldn't care about money.

Well this is true and also not so… Let’s go a little deeper.

We all need money to function on this planet in this material world… I will hit the magic button here, keep reading love.

When do we live in abundance? Ask this question to yourself now.

When do you feel abundant? Is it when you know you have money in your bank account? Is it when you feel free in the choices you make in life? Is it when you are in a soul aligned relationship? Is it when you feel free in your body, free in your soul?

It is embracing the feeling, and when you start to embody this feeling, everything starts changing.

This is the journey of shedding limiting beliefs and starting to listen to your truth. When we start doing so, when we start seeing the roots of Scarcity and heal them. We have so many limiting beliefs and old patterns about love, about money, about self worth and really if we want to start living an abundant life we have to look into all of this and do some conscious work in this area.

When we heal, we restore the unease in our energetic bodies and we break through the scarcity mindset. We start to trust ourselves and start to trust that the unknown is not something that scares us, it is something what expands us.

We grow out of competition into a cooperative mindset and we start feeling a power to create.

We stop lying to ourselves and to others, we start seeing the light in the world, in others and most important in ourselves.

We start connecting to our inner self and start listening, we start loving being in the silence. We start connecting to our higher self, to our heart and we start hearing the voice of our soul.

Living in gratitude and trust, surrendering to what the universe has prepared for you and always remembering that you will be supported will help you to shift energeticaly.

When you go beyond the subconscious mind and ground yourself strongly, you start hearing the whispers of your soul, you change your frequency and then OPEN THE PORTAL OF ABUNDANCE. You start walking your true path and living abundantly in all areas of life - you are in a universal flow of life.


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