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Reminders for Lightworkers: How to stay in alignment and set intentions from the heart!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Reminders for Lightworkers

How to stay in alignment and set intentions from the heart!

Fed up of notifications and reminders to do this and go here?

Well not this time love.

The only reminder I give to you is for you to remember to stop for a minute or an hour and do nothing, so that you can feel who you are and remember why you came here to this Planet Earth.

To do nothing and quiet the mind is much more challenging than keeping the mind busy.

We all try to keep collecting ‘’affirmation rewards’’ in our lives. Whatever it might be: be the best mother, the most successful business owner, keep trying to be the prettiest one, to earn more cash…I could go on and on, with an endless list.

Unfortunately in this masculine driven society we have been trained to want more, to do more... For most of us, this is how we function throughout our day...throughout our lives.

All this is an old paradigm! We lightworkers came here to create New Earth. The earth where the light shines through each of us and we radiate love and happiness. To get there we have to learn how to reprogram our souls back to where they were before they came to this earth and this can be a long process.

In this article I share the reminders to help us to stay in alignment so we can create new earth and help each other to raise the vibration, to remind each other of love and go through this awakening by holding hands to each other.

We are starting a new cycle and I am sure a lot of us are looking to set new intentions for this year. I have put together fourteen reminders which helped me to bring myself back in alignment with my soul, so that I could live fully from my intuition and my heart. I can serve with integrity and I can contribute to humanity, taking each action from love and place of joy.

  1. Cultivating the presence - bringing yourself to the present moment and not trying to multitask.This is a crucial practice, start simply noticing when you get carried away with the thought while doing one thing or start doing something else while you are in the process of acting on one task already. Noticing this will help you to start creating a new pattern of behavior sticking to what you are doing at that very moment.

  2. Connecting to the heart - finding the practice, activity to help you to reconnect to your soul so you can live your truth. We need to establish the practice of reconnecting to our heart - to our soul. Any practice bringing you back to love, back to your heart, will help you to live and speak your truth.

  3. Acceptance- accepting all the parts of ourselves, especially the ones we do not feel comfortable with. Acceptance can be a wide subject. If we look at the situations or various moments in our life, especially when we feel all over the place it might be that we are not in peace to the present moment, we cannot accept the present situation. Deeper roots coming from ourselves when we cannot connect and fall in love with the parts we don’t like about ourselves or feel ashamed of. It is a very good reminder to bring ourselves to peace and start working on the shadow parts. Sometimes it can take a long time, but we never know, until we try. Healing and serving is a long and responsible journey you came here to experience.

  4. Letting go! When you allow time and space to hold you, the universe reveals the next steps. So many things, people, places we keep holding on in life. Believe me there is no need to do so. When we learn how to let go, how to create the space for the universe to relieve us the next steps in life. When we let go we drop the heavy weight we try to keep hold on based on previous experiences. The short answer is when we hold on to something we hold on to the past and the past does not exist anymore!

  5. Abundance is not how much money you have. It is a feeling of worthiness to go beyond what you can see with your eyes. Sit with the feeling of how it feels to live in abundance. You will embody the feeling and you will know what abundant life means to you. You will start embodying the feeling and frequency of abundance. You will start seeing that abundance is not about how much money you have and it is not about the physical. It is how you feel, the feeling of limitlessness, the feeling of abundant possibilities the universe presents to us, the feeling of trust, the feeling of confidence and so much more that sits under the abundance tree. When you embody this frequency you start attracting everything and more and you allow yourself to live an abundant life.

  6. The Universe doesn’t always give you what you want. She gives you what you need so that you can grow into limitless possibilities. A lot of the time our wants might come from the mind not from the heart. Universe gives us the lessons we came here to learn and it allows us to expand, because the lessons open our eyes to something that we couldn't see before. We expand our consciousness, we start seeing through the veil and we become ready to grow more into our true self.

  7. We have no control of our true life manifestations and how or when it will show up. When we feel relaxed and are feeling joy, at the moment we allow the highest frequency to bring the magic into our lives. This is my favorite! Can be a tricky one as to how to feel into the edge, and how to trust when all of us or most of us have been trained to work hard and when we do so this is only then we can manifest something magical. When the truth is, our life is written in the stars and the only thing we need to do is to stop blocking the vibration and just allow the magical life to unfold for us. When we radiate the higher frequency we attract the same frequency simply as that.

  8. Over stretching is not how you grow and quantum leap. When you lean into your edges feeling connected to your intuition and take the next action based on it this is when it happens. This is what most of us have been taught, work more so we can grow and leap. Yes we will need to put in some work in order to expand, but only when we are connected to our heart, to our intuition. This is when we lean into the edges and sometimes it might not feel as comfortable as we would like but we take the action from the heart. This is when we align ourselves with the universal force and we quantum leap.

  9. True empowerment from your soul comes when you are connected with yourself. When you take responsibility and trust. No one else can fix your life or you. When you choose to trust and feel your worth, it empowers you to choose from the heart.

  10. Trust the darkness - this is when you transform, heal and grow into the next level. When we start connecting to our invisible side and trust, we show the sign to the universe that we trust, we surrender this is when we grow into the next level. This is when we open ourselves to the limitless possibilities!

  11. Detach from the outcome, expectations, things, people. Show the Universe that you trust her! She needs to have your sign so that she can give you something better! A lot of the time we get fixed on the outcome, on what we should receive, how it should look, how people have to behave, what things we have to have and this is when we lose the joy of life. This is when we start living in resistance because we forget to enjoy the present moment, we put ourselves unconsciously into the position of victim, without realizing it. We block the energy and live at a lower frequency.

  12. Remember - remembering what a beautiful unique being you are. You don’t need to do more. You are perfect exactly as you are. All the above greatly influenced how we feel about ourselves. Each of us is unique and have unique gifts to share with others. Driven by masculine energy, or being not strongly grounded we start comparing ourselves and wanting to have more, or to be like someone else when in reality we cannot and as much we would try it just wouldn't work. When we learn to enjoy and accept where we are and that we don't need to achieve anything we start creating the change not only in ourselves but collectively.

  13. The universe never makes mistakes. We come here with a signed contract. During this lifetime we are going through another soul’s evolution and we do so by living in grace, love, acceptance. The invitation to enjoy every decision you make, start living in love with yourself and creating the New Earth.

  14. The universe is in you and me, we are the universe. When we are fully aligned, a universal force is flowing through our essence and makes us limitless beings. Finding the practices helping us to stay in alignment helps us to be the chanell of universal force!

The most important one is to REMEMBER you are exactly where you have to be and you are living your purpose already! Just simply being who you are!

I felt so much love and support channeling this article through me. I hope my worlds will help you to find that peace within and live in grace and love so we all can raise the frequency of the planet earth collectively.


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