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10 Signs You are a Lightworker

Perhaps you’ve always known you were different, or maybe you’re only just realising that you have never quite fit in. Because lightworkers rearly do..

They’re sensitive souls who have come to assist the Earth shift through the separation of densities from the 3 Dimention to 5 Dimention. If you’re a lightworker, you’ve incarnated on the Earth at this time for a very specific reason.

You’re here to help to shine the light for those who don’t have the spiritual capacity to match the rising vibration of the planet as we move towards ascension.

That doesn’t mean you have to be in a position of leadership or in the public eye.

Lightworkers operate on all different scales.

You are needed here on this land to fulfill your purpose - to heal the population and the planet.

Many of us have forgotten how to shine bright light and started dimming our lights in order to fit in this world. You might convince yourself that this is the right thing to do! And I can tell you I was doing the same!

I didn’t know that I can shine my light and help others to do the same. I only knew how to make myself fit into society, be a good girl, do my job great but actually I was dimming my light without realizing that.

I want you to pay close attention and check with yourself if you are dimming your light and denying your role as a lightworker. Remember if you are one of us lightworkers your responsibility is to rise the frequency of and contribute to raising the consciousness of the planet.

I am sure many of us did or are doing the same to such a degree and we forgot what our role is!

If you are not sure and wondering if you are a lightworker and playing a role creating a New Earth I have prepared the list for you to remember.

Here are 10 signs you’re a Lightworker here to contribute to raising of consciousness on the planet:

  1. You find yourself struggling to fit in the regular structure of life - always being a black sheep and struggling to fit into society.

  2. You have had a sudden spiritual awakening - suddenly realized that we all are one and there is no separation here.

  3. You feel driven by the need to create positive change

  4. You feel like you’ve been put here for a very specific reason

  5. You are an incredible optimist and even while experiencing fear, challenges or doubt, you have led by knowing of the beauty in you and others.

  6. You receive mysterious guidance taking you towards your goals

  7. You are working with different healing, spiritual modalities or feeling drawn to connect to something bigger.

  8. You are connected deeply with spirit and have had the connection with your guides from a young age.

  9. You have always been that go-to girl for advice and you thrive in this mentoring.

  10. You are in awe of the cosmos and as you align more with your true divine self and life, you are discovering you have a great Power!

And remember you are a very special and magical being here on this planet.

You may feel confusion inside you and a big yearning in your soul, a wonder about this is all about and what to do with this magical light that you are..

And what are your next steps?

This is what might be happening to you:

Here are 5 signs your portal is open and now is the time to step into your light and create change!

5 Signs you are being called into greater leadership in your role

  1. You have a sense something big is about to happen

  2. You have made peace with your past struggles

  3. You have a feeling the urgency the time is running out and you have to do something about it

  4. You’re no longer willing to do a job that does not support the highest expression of you and your passion

  5. You have deepened the sense of faith and willing to face uncertainty to follow the call of your heart without “How”

Have you noticed how much you have grown and changed?

Before stepping into my light I had experienced clear signs showing me that I was ready to step into greater leadership into my role but I didn’t pay attention to all of them then.

Have you been waiting for that magical moment when you are finally ready to change your life and take your power back.

That moment will probably never come because the truth is that you will never feel 100% ready to do anything which is stepping out of your comfort zone and growing related!

I am seeing all these patterns are very common in lightworkers in the world right now! And you know why, because it’s time for us to rise and start shining the light bright so we can change the world.

Whether you are one of us or not, now love and honor your beauty and your perfect path. Remember wherever you are on your journey it is the perfect place to be.

AND IF YOU READY TO TAKE THE LEAP INTO YOUR DESTINY KNOW IT'S PART OF MINE because my purpose is to help you to step into your truth. To support you to become the confident, authentic and powerful lightworker you came here to be.

Remember we are one and we came here to support each other. I am here to for you

  • To unlock your power in your body,

  • Realize how you are here to empower,

  • Master your ability to create the impact,

  • Transform you life in a rapid speed

  • Succeed most naturally in your role as a lightworker and life!

Lightworkers like you who came here to create the New Earth are not doing it on their own!

  • If you need someone who understands your soul’s wisdom and unique challenges.

  • Someone who will help youth master your magical abilities and expand your consciousness along with abundance codes activation.

  • Someone who knows that your soul will only allow you to expand with integrity, authenticity and purity!

IF YOU LONG FOR THIS SPIRITUAL SUPPORT TO EXPAND YOUR SOUL my invitation is to arrange a FREE discovery call and find what mentoring options would lead you to the most expensive lightworker’s path!

Take responsibility to step into greater leadership in your role, connect with me and figure your next steps now to create the impact you came here to make!

Love and blessings



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