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Ancient Plant medicine of Cacao for Modern times

Since ancient times Aztecs and Mayans used cacao as a medicine to heal physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. Cacao medicine has been used to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as helping to achieve a higher state of consciousness, feeling happy and connecting to the spirit.

Today I will be talking about the benefits of cacao medicine and how this ancient plant can support us in today's modern world. We are not just the bodies, we have our mind. The body and spirit are connected, it is all one. We will look at the healing aspects of cacao to our mind, body and spirit.

I have been enjoying ceremonial grade cacao every morning since June and have experienced incredible health benefits, along with all my life transformation.

Benefits of ancient medicine in today’s world

Cacao opens your heart so that you can hear your inner spirit talking and connect to your true wisdom to start living from the heart. Choosing to live with cacao means you are bringing peace into your life, peace to your mind and soul. The ancient medicine of cacao has a great amount of antioxidants and is magical support for your heart, skin and blood pressure.

When we drink the medicine, cacao opens our heart and helps us to deeply connect with our inner self. It helps to reduce anxiety, feel less fear, trust and find more joy and love in life.

I have noticed after drinking cacao that ideas start flowing to me with ease. I trust in them and bring them to the physical world with confidence.

When you sit with mama cacao in a ceremony, you will start taking on your hidden true gifts, which possibly had been forgotten. The medicine of cacao will help you to increase your awarness.

Your energy levels will increase because of the nutrients that cacao offers. You won’t be reaching for coffee anymore because you will feel energised for the day and life.

Mama cacao brings peace to your soul. It helps you to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. It encourages you to come back to the positive side, to love.

In today’s modern world we bring the medicine of cacao and the ceremony into our life to help our body, mind and soul to heal. This is the medicine we all need in today's world. Mayan and Aztec ancestors have used it for many many years. We have this incredible gift to do the same. To use this ancient medicine so that we can a joyful life in service, while raising the vibration of Planet Earth.

Cacao will heal your soul. It will be your guide to living a fulfilling life with an open heart, it will guide you in your true service to humanity.

Where to find ceremonial cacao in the UK and Europe?

You can purchase Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Satkara Temple. We bring cacao directly from the source from Sacred Lake Atitlan infused with the most Sacred energy and Mayan prayers from Guatemala. Contact us and we will post the medicine.

If you would love to experience Mayan Cacao ceremony or become a ceremonialist check out our offerings.


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