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How to celebrate Winter Solstice

How are you celebrating Winter Solstice love? The longest night and the shortest day of the year.

Today my invitation is to go inwards and celebrate the darkness, the parts you might not like about yourself, the parts you keep holding in those dark corners of our heart. Today is a perfect day to welcome all to the light.

Today we are starting moving towards the spring, towards new beginnings. Everyday we will welcome welcome more and more light ✨

This year, the solstice falls on the day 3 E’ within the Sacred Mayan calendar. Energy of E’ today invites us to explore, journey and it represents our path. Number 3 in trecena of Tzi is exploration of our inner path and especially today during Winter Solstice represents return to the light so we might ask for illumination of our path.

It is a time to meditate with the energy of the Father Sun in introspection of our lives. We let more light come into our lives and we bless this new cycle. Today is death and rebirth - today we go inwards.

May we all connect to the Sacred energy of the sun and allow it to be filled with his healing light walking our true path.




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