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How to find the peace within, so that you can live your Soul Assignment.

What does it mean to find the peace within and why would you want to do so?

When we live in peace with ourselves, we experience the fulfilling life that we came here to live.

But how to find that state?

This is the state of presence, the state of fulfillment, the state of surendering. Many of us know that most of the time we take actions based on previous experiences, our beliefs, embedded patterns in our subconscious mind.

You might be “hey wait”.”I know exactly what I want and what choices to make” and yes you may do, but how many times do your life choices come from your heart…from your true self?

The thing is most of the time we can’t even recognize that the decisions we make are often based on past experiences and that these may now be completely irrelevant to where we are at this point in our lives.

You came here to be the True You! And to do that, you need to be present, to stop living in resistance. You want to wake up looking forward to what a new day on this earth will bring. You want to live free from fear of not being good enough, you want to have your own pace of life, you want to embody the feeling that you are enough exactly how you are.

This is when you find the peace within.

You came here to live your soul assignment, to live a fulfilling life of joy and abundance and the only way you can achieve this life is finding the peace within you.

For the last three years I have dedicated a big part of my life to the learning & teachings of spiritual practice. The reason I started my spiritual practice was because I recognised the lightworker inside of me and I wanted to find the peace within. In doing so, I started my life changing journey. My life has changed completely at a very rapid speed and it keeps expanding in the most magical way.

I came here to shine my light bright and to share spiritual teachings with you, so that you can start living in abundance and fulfilling your soul's assignment.

Top 7 ways to stay connected to your true self

Way 1

Accept where you are at in your life. It doesn’t have to be a place you ideally want to be and more likely it will look like it’s not. Especially if you feel disconnected and looking for ways to reconnect with yourself. If you want to connect deeply to your true self, remember the first step is to accept your situation!

Way 2

Notice the noise in your daily life and find a way to turn it off. It is very important for your wellbeing to separate yourself from the daily noise so you can reconnect to yourself.

Way 3

Find time to meditate! It is a crucial step in your everyday life. It doesn’t have tobe hours of meditation. Find your favorite way to meditate and start from a few minutes a day if you don't have meditation practice yet. Make sure to have it as consistent practice.

Way 4

Spend time in nature. Reconnecting to Mother Earth will help you to embody the feeling of oneness and open a clear way to yourself. If you live in a city, find a tree or a park and spend some time there during the day.

Way 5

Journal to avoid busy thoughts. Journaling can be very therapeutic. Releasing the thoughts on the paper instead of holding them in your head really helps. Through journaling you can speak to the universe putting out all your desires. This is the way to sign the sacred contract with the universe and connect to yourself.

Way 6

Move your beautiful body. Remember you have the most amazing vehicle to carry your soul. Bodies are built to move! When you move you allow energy to flow. Movement helps you to come back to balance and be a clear channel to your heart so you can stay connected.

Way 7

Have a sacred ceremony. Find time to sit and connect with the fire. Light a candle, honor your ancestors, have incense burning to deepen the connection within yourself.

Find the practices that help you to stay more present, allow yourself to go inwards and separate yourself from the noise outside.

We want to have a deeper connection to our soul and live a fulfilling life. Aligning our true desires, experiencing true love and opening to the joy of life.


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