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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The only way to heal the world is to stay connected to your heart. When we see ourselves as a pure vessel of love, our intentions and actions change! We start radiating on a higher frequency and we help others to do the same!

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine for your soul. It is the gate opener to the true power of love.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to study and live the roots of Mayan Cacao in Guatemala. Learning the mayan wisdom from the shaman was a life changing experience. Last summer I was living and studying Mayan cosmovision at the sacred Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with Tata Walter - Mayan Medicine man, Cosmovisionalist and Mayan Spiritual Leader.

For thousands of years the Mayan people were connected to the powerful energy of the cacao, tobacco and fire spirits. All those energies have healing power and speak directly to your heart. When we speak from the heart we speak from a place of higher intelligence.

Mayans were connected to higher consciousness through the Sacred Fire, Sacred Tobacco, Mama Cacao, Ancestors, Nawales and Pacha Mama to receive cleansing, healing and the guidance on how to live this beautiful life on the planet Earth. For Mayans, cacao is a sacred medicine that has powerful healing benefits, can support our spiritual connection, and help us access a profound state of clarity.

What is cacao ceremonial? What makes it different from regular cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is never touched by machinery and processed in a natural way. That means by hands with support of Pacha Mama, people, fire and Spirit of Cacao. The Cacao has a long beautiful story before it reaches us.

The ceremonial grade cacao that Satkara Temple sells in Europe comes directly from the source in Guatemala. Cacao usually grows close to where Jade can be found. Jade is one of the Sacred stones for the Mayan people. It is associated with eternity and has many more spiritual powers.

The Sacred Lake Atitlan infuses our cacao with the sacred energy and as where the cacao beans has been farmed is only a few hours drive from the lake. A lot of people from all over the world come to the Lake to heal their soul. Underneath Lake Atitlan old Mayan civilizations have been buried. The energy is very strong. You can feel it just by being on the lands of Atitlan.

When a cacao seed is planted it is invoked with prayers and songs. The process of harvesting is long and very sacred. It weaves a lot of energy and connects us all through prayers and Mother Earth.

Mayan women grind the cacao through a ‘Piedra de Moler’ or also known as ‘Metate’. This is an extremely important part of the process of preparation of cacao, because the sacred stone has a profound meaning. It is strongly connected to the Earth and masculine, feminine energies.

This makes the process key to the preparation of ceremonial cacao. This is one of the reasons WHY CEREMONIAL CACAO SHOULD BE 100% HAND MADE, each part of the process has a profound significance and brings energy to the medicine. It is also believed that putting the cacao through machines kills its spirit and cuts away its energy.

The benefits of Ceremonial cacao are limitless. She helps us to connect to our spirit through an open heart and we remember who we truly are. The nutrients increase blood flow to the brain and we feel more clarity and focus on our intentions, actions. Nourishes and heals your energy, activates your creativity, opens your vision and so much more. Ceremonial grade cacao is anti-inflammatory and supports our good health.

The Cacao we sell at Satkara Temple supports Guatemalan families and communities and I feel so blessed for this opportunity to share this Sacred Medicine with the world and support Mayan people.

If you would love to start the journey to become a Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist and spread this ancient wisdom to the world you can join ‘Matyox-Mayan Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship’ starting April 2nd 2023.

If you would like to support Satkara Temple and help Guatemalan families and communities by purchasing our 100% handmade Ceremonial Cacao, produced at Lake Atitlan please go to the page Ceremonial Cacao and order your Medicine of Remembrance.


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