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Who is an Awakened Goddess?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

A goddess is a female deity.In many known cultures, goddesses are often linked with literal or metaphorical pregnancy or imagined feminine roles associated with how women and girls are perceived or expected to behave. This includes themes of spinning, weaving, beauty, love, sexuality, motherhood, domesticity, creativity, and fertility (exemplified by the ancient mother goddess cult). Many major goddesses are also associated with magic, war, strategy, hunting, farming, wisdom, fate, earth, sky, power, laws, justice, and more.

This is the common understanding of who a goddess is.

Today we are talking about who the ‘Awakened Goddess’ is.

She appears inside of you when you find the source of power and strength. When suddenly she hears the voice! ENOUGH! Of living that almost life! Of feeling not good enough! Of competing and trying to control! Of always seeking more!

Now is the time to stop feeling tired and not enough!

Now is the time to Awaken your inner goddess!

  • Stop trying to compete, stop living in the shadows

  • Break the cycle of social conditioning and take your power back

  • Accept the fact that you are not perfect and not everybody will accept you

  • Stop waiting for someone or something to change your happiness

  • Invoke your Powerful Goddess wisdom within

She wants to take her power back and shine her light brightly, embrace her inner goddess, allowing the expansion of the collective female experience to unfold.

And there comes the time when you finally get it all..

When you realise the way you have been navigating through life is a result of social conditioning you have received over this lifetime…and you begin the shift from everything you been conditioned in all of your life:

  • How should you look? What skin colour should you be?

  • What you should wear and where you should shop.

  • How much you should weigh and how to lose or gain weight.

  • Who your friends or partner should be and how you have to behave

  • Where you should live and what car you should drive

  • What gender relationships are good and how many kids you have to have.

  • Why you should always be a good girl and hide your sorrows and your pain so you can show up to the world with a smile, presenting yourself as a perfect fit for the image society created for you.

Say it…ENOUGH! Of living that almost life! Of feeling not good enough! Of competing and trying to control! Of always seeking more!

Now is the time to Awaken your inner goddess!

You slowly begin to open up to different points of view and a new world. You start looking deeper into yourself, finding your new beliefs and who you truly are. You outgrow the old you and your old beliefs and you start living a fulfilling life based on your desires.

You start accepting yourself the way you are, the way you talk, the way you look without trying to change anything and please the opinion of others. You know now that it is totally okay with you if others are not okay with you.

Love for your Goddess starts coming to the surface and you start feeling that love. You love yourself unconditionally and you don’t leave a room to compare yourself with others, because you know now that you are unique and this is magical, no matter what size or skin colour you are. No matter how rich or poor. No matter what others may think.

When you break the cycle of living the consumer life, planning your next fix, buying new shoes or dresses, finally getting the approval from your family or friends, you heal future generations and this is your responsibility as a Goddess!

You feel a strong connection to your heart and start living in abundance by giving love to others without expectations to receive something in return and this is when magic starts coming your way. You start receiving the abundance.

You recognise the power of contribution to this world instead of accumulation of multiple things and you start waking up everyday with gratitude and love, appreciation of simple things instead of wanting more. This is when you start feeling free and start living your dream life.

When you love, you stop abusing yourself with self sabotaging thoughts, you choose to nourish your body - your only one temple you have at this lifetime! You choose who you spend your time with wisely.

When you feel tired you notice that you start coming back to the old patterns and you give yourself permission to take a break and rest so you can fill your cup and show up in your Power to create!

You know now that your power is strong when you incorporate joy and play in your life because you came here to live in joy and abundance and you don’t feel ashamed about taking time off anymore.

When you learn to love yourself your relationships change. You know how much to give and when to stop giving and walk away. You know your worth and sharing your love with only one.

You understand that you don’t have to connect with everybody and that they do not have to be on the same path and you can leave your ego behind the doors because you know life is not always about you.

You stop blaming others and looking who to blame for the things that were done to you or not. You are okay with saying I was wrong and to forgive yourself and others.

Building connection through the power of love is your purpose and separation becomes unknown for you.

You have clear boundaries, you know when is time to move on and when other’s frequency is not aligning with yours so you walk away or say NO to those relationships.

You lose the attachment to material but you know that is perfectly okay to want certain things.

You speak your truth from the open heart and communicate your needs with confidence.

The feeling of understanding how ego works enables you from wanting to know all the answers, not wanting to become somebody one day, smarter, more beautiful because you know you are exactly where you have to be and this is the most amazing gift.

You know your shadow parts of you and you stop hiding from them by projecting them on others.

You accept others and the way they are and stop expecting them to be something more or better or maybe expect them to be less?!

That breaking point in life when you suddenly realize that you don’t need others to make any sacrifices only because you wanted something and stopped measuring the love based on how much love you give. This is the point when you are open to ways of receiving love without conditions or any limitations.

You stop trying to control people, situations or even have high expectations of yourself and others. You start enjoying spending time with yourself and that doesn’t feel alone.

You heal your heart, you feel fulfilled with love and you just let your life unfold in a completely different way.

And that new way brings new relationships to your life, you start living in the present instead of digging in the past, you feel confident in making the decisions instead of doubting and feeling trapped and you start to choose where you want to spend your energy and who wit, so it can help you to create positive change.

You clear your path, recognising your strengths and weaknesses, decide on areas you want to improve and start taking action. The action towards life you want to live and that doesn’t mean you will not have any disappointments here. Now you will see them differently. You can accept when things you didn’t plan or didn’t want to happen happen. And you stop taking everything personally and you know that good or bad is yin and yang and they come together weaned into your path. The most beautiful thing is you are okay with experiencing them both.

You learn how to fight the fear by stepping into it and facing it so you can get to live the life of your terms. When you overcome your fears you start understanding your limitless powers. You recognise the necessity to create your own wealth so you sign the contract with yourself and never settle for less than your true heart’s desire.

You go through this awakening process and embody the power of self worth and trust, opening yourself for the wonderful opportunity to create and live a magical life YOU came here to live!


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