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Why is Cacao a medicine?

This morning I finished teaching the course of 'Mayan Cacao Ceremony and Mayan Cosmovision'.

I'm sitting with the Sacred medicine of Cacao. This is my second time sitting with Mama Cacao today.

Mama Cacao asked me to take another moment today and allow myself to just be in the sacred moment.

This article is the guidance from the spirits. I'm in the process of a ceremonialist apprenticeship launch, actually it has been launched today on the day of 13 Aq’ab’al for a private audience and it will lunch to the wider community tomorrow. This is the creation I bring to you based on the messages I have received from the spirit of Cacao.

I have to say that today feels really fulfilling and a little bit emotional. All of my feelings are arising at the moment. The strongest of them all is LOVE, unconditional love. My heart is so open and ready to give that love to the world.

Open hearted ♥ What does it mean?

The medicine of Cacao opens our heart and allows us to feel love, to feel loved, to be love. We feel connected to the spirit, to ourselves, to the elements of fire, air, earth and water.

The heart is the center of love and empathy. With an open heart we can understand other people and we can gather each other’s feelings so we can help each other. We help our souls to heal. This is why the ceremonies of cacao are so powerful! Cacao medicine helps the world to heal through the love you start to be.

During the cacao ceremony you open your heart, you connect to your spirit and you become love.

Sometimes for love to show up some layers need to be acknowledged, felt and shed. The medicine of Cacao will show you exactly what you need in the divine moment you are at.

The Spirit of Cacao shows us how easy it is to love and live the fulfilling life that you came here to live. We just need to trust!

Mama Cacao deepens your connection to the earth. Cacao comes from Mother Earth.

Mother Earth shares her beautiful gifts with us and teaches us how to use those gifts so we can give back to the earth.

Through the gift of Cacao we give back love as we start living in faith. We start trusting our heart, our intuition and we start to REMEMBER our true purpose to be vehicles of LOVE.

I trust my heart and I trust I am guided to be of service on this earth being a lightworker. This is what came through me this morning and I wanted to share this beautiful message from The Goddess of Mama Cacao.

How are you sharing your love to the Planet Earth my love? How are you being of service? Are you taking the responsibility to raise the vibration of the Planet Earth and step into your full potential?


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